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“I have found the sessions to be incredibly calming and enjoyable and for that reason can definitely recommend Charae as a footzonologist. I am always fascinated how Charae is able to pick up sensitivities in other parts of my body and is brilliant at explaining the connections, it never fails to amaze me!”

“Footzoning with Charae is a totally enjoyable experience. Over the course of our weekly sessions, she helps me reduce my chronic migraines. I also discovered that Zoning is about so much more than a specific ailment; it´s about regaining the body´s balance. And Charae´s knowledge about ways to improve my wellbeing outside the sessions has led to an overall improvement in my health, especially in controlling my disturbed sleeping patterns. 

Whatever the reason for contemplating footzoning I can wholeheartedly recommend Charae. Her gifted hands that tease out those blockages and her interest in improving your wellbeing make the sessions with Charae something I look forward to all week.”

“I had a course of ten zoning sessions with Charae and I loved each and every one! I felt incredibly relaxed. It was a real treat to look forward to each week! By the end of the ten sessions, I felt better both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend her to anyone”

“I could not recommend Charae highly enough. She treated me for a skin disorder after I had been suffering on my hands and feet for a few months and been prescribed strong steroid cream from the GP to ‘treat the symptoms’ but not the cause. I chose to look for an alternative treatment. After the second session with Charae, I saw significant improvements which continued until it had completely cleared up. I left every session feeling rejuvenated and got better results than I had ever expected. Thank you Charae.”

“After several sessions with Charae I highly recommend her professional, knowledgeable and affordable services. Charae’s attention to detail is fantastic and I was blown away as Charae acknowledged previous health problems that I had long forgotten about and I felt reassured that I was in good hands. These sessions were superb and I felt completely comfortable with Charae. The sessions were informative and relaxing as Charae’s welcoming spirit is wonderful!”



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WARNING: Many practioners confuse Foot Zoning and Footzonology®. Charaé is not known for “shot in the arm” modalities. Charaé delivers practical proven strategies to improve wellness using Footzonology®. With that knowledge, you can be confident you’ll be getting the best techniques available in the zoning world.

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